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Just in time for Christmas! The Halloween Remix of Jumpstart! One of the “fans” has been on my case about releasing this remix for over a month after they heard me play this at my halloween party. So here you go! Be happy, and Jumpstart! Read the rest of this entry »
A little bit of techno or whatever for you! I originally called this track “Timeline” and when I demoed a preview for Alexander Jermelle, he said and I quote, “You can’t call it that, that’s the name of a movie and novel, that’s copyright infringement! You sound so stupid right now.” O’RLY??? Read the rest of this entry »
Ok so, I haven’t posted in months, I’ve been too busy making music, skateboarding, driving fast cars and racing motorcycles. Sorry. Anyhow, here’s my latest track.
So, here’s a hot ass picture of Ellen Page. It has jack shit to do with this song, but I would love to tap that. Five minutes of filter funk, spinning on vinyl baby. Timecode vinyl on 4 decks baby, ohhhh yeah. Now get over honey and ride my filter….
So I might as well post some more music. This track was very special to me at one point. I made it right after I fell in love with somebody, then kept remixing it over the years. Like 8 fucking years to be precise. By the time she heard this track in it’s finished state, it was already too late, our relationship had totally fallen apart. C’est La Vie friends.