Fun hardstyle, hardtechno mix done with Alexander Jermelle, good times! Older but still good.

So the premise of this was simple, Julian Orbit vs. Alexander Jermelle, on a typical night of DJing, no massive production values, or some kook jamming the sync button on his laptop, or laptops whatsoever, I spin vinyl and if I’m forced to, CD’s. Jermelle uses CD’s and USB sticks. I’m not oblivious to timecode though, handy stuff. Just two DJ’s going through the rounds. We decided to go with the harder stuff I play after 2am, and basically just record a set while working. I think it turned out alright considering what it is, and the endless requests, drunk people, drug people, stupid chicks and raver dicks doing everything possible to disrupt it. So with my blabbering out of the way, here’s the “official press release” from when it was released:

Released about a year ago, funny I swear it was longer or around July 23, 2011.

Who’s counting anyhow?


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