Super old mix, but CHRISTMAS!

Back in 2006 I decided that I wanted to give my friends and family the gift of a professionally produced and mastered mixtape. After collecting the required tracks, re-edits, remixes, remixes of the remixes, re-edits of bootlegs and whitelabels, everything was pressed to acetate (one off vinyl) and I filled myself full of Christmas Cheer (40 ounces of spiced rum), with visions of sugar plums dancing on the floor I played this out until I blacked out and St. Nick was aware. Once I awoke off to Falcon Studios I rushed to have this mastered and duped to cd. Only the grinch knew of my plans, and once the gifts were a given, nobody cared. I vowed to never give music again, but six years later and more Christmas Cheer (14 beers) I had a change of heart and maybe someone will care. Enjoy internet, have a Merry Christmas. Love Julian Orbit.

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