So in an attempt to get my “girlfriend” to come on a snowboarding trip I made this ghetto comic in the style I like so much. We never actually broke up and she stayed in contact with me for months on end, leading me on and lying as was our entire relationship anyhow. Over a year wasted on her and not enough blog posts. Waste.

I bought her those goggles, not like she needs them now, doubt she’ll ever snowboard again.
Snowboarding is for people that enjoy living life, not hiding inside their dingy, cluttered, hoarder space apartment downtown doing coke and chasing around fifty year old gay men. Because THAT’S so fucking NORMAL Leah. Living across the street from a college and a night club at 32 is SUPER DUPER NORMAL Leah! Trying to fit in with 20 year old kids is REALLY FUCKING NORMAL WHEN YOU’RE 32 LEAH. TOOL.
She doesn’t even see that they don’t even like her. Coke is hilarious in the way it pumps up someone’s ego as to make them so blind they can’t see two feet in front of themselves. Young people don’t like old people, just the way it is Leah. Those kids can’t stand your big fat coke blabbering mouth either, fucking irritating coke head never shutting up because she’s high as a kite and needs to talk.TOOL

Also your parents pay your rent, you make under $20/hour which puts you in the lower class of people and community college isn’t real school it’s for STUPID people. Nothing you own other than your purse, coat and boot collection has been purchased, everything you have was given to you by your parents. You have no credit.

Fuck you, I hate poor people.

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