**The first ever recording of the pirate radio broadcast “We Are The Night” by Julian Orbit, broadcast over the pirate AM Radio station WKOCT “The Octopus” then rebroadcast by various other sources and usually edited by keen producers that need to cut out the offensiveness. I’ve been doing this pirate radio show every Friday night for over a decade, I figured it’s about time to join 2013 and actually put it online for everyone to enjoy. Although it’s broadcast in mono over the octopus because AM is so wonderful the rebroadcast and recording are all stereo, so no worries. Format is simple, we drink a 6 pack, I spin 2 sets extremely drunk and we talk about whatever comes up. **Disclaimer: If you’re offended easily, don’t listen to this show, it is meant for entertainment purposes only and nobody involved shares the opinions or statements therein. Please enjoy or don’t, it’s entirely up to you, please direct all criticisms towards: http://soundcloud.com/alexanderjermelle

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