So here we go, another week another song release and more posting it around the internet. Since this is my official homepage (do people even use that term anymore?) It gets first rounds here.I wanted to make something in the vein or lieu of big beat style breakbeats or what one would call “hardcore techno” back in the day. I loved that shit, its hard to think about it not really being around anymore. So once in awhile I plug in the old roland tb-303 hook her into a distortion pedal, plug in my bass guitar, sample some breaks and let the magic happen! 1999 forever…….

Just in time for the nation’s holiday, what could be better than Carving Eagles in celebration?

This song comes from a session on the mountains, sometimes you’re just carving, sometimes you’re carving eagles, sometimes you’re just tripping balls and blurt out strange terms, but sometimes, and not all the time mind you, you just need a blaring breakbeat to drive you down the mountain and into the chalet for some cold ones in order to warm up.

Whatever your reasons are, its always time to be Carving Eagles.

EAGLES ★★★½☆☆ 

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