So this being my official site I should probably do more than just copy and paste the crap I have on all the other pages and bullshit all over the world wide web. For the album art I was going for what you would see in the acid house section in a record shop in the 1990’s. The Title and Signature were actually written on cardboard with a paint pen then cut out with scissors and scanned, gives it a nice drop shadow you can’t reproduce with bits and bytes. The song is somewhere between Ambient House and Ambient Techno I guess, kind of a late 90’s vibe like I just hung out with Orbital for a week then did loads of acid with Fluke. Then maybe we all went on tour together and in this alternate reality I’m like super famous! I caught the early 2000’s electronica boom and now live in a huge mansion and Apex Twin is my bulter. Ah well back to reality. A guy can dream right?
Dedicated to CP/M.
Just a little song I’ve been playing forever, usually in a music store so people stare at me. Little bit Ambient House little bit Ambient Techno a melodic track floating nice and slow rippling through time yet stuck somewhere in-between little fluffy clouds and the sun in it’s head, a real window licker.

Little Fluffy Clouds: ★★★★★☆ 

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