So I should have posted this like two weeks ago, instead I didn’t do shit and waited around for all kinds of nonsense. Today I woke up, said “Fuck It” and posted this bitch on Soundcloud. Anyhow you can read the story of this song after the jump.
So one night at the club, my buddy Fizz and I were getting overly hammered while the new DJ struggled with his plastic contraption controller and played the same 4 bar loop for 30 minutes. Fizz started yelling, “THUMP! THUMP! THUMP!” to each drum beat, making the very NEW DJ even more nervous and causing him to press more buttons and cut the loop in half. Now there was nothing but a drum beat thumping away, this made us laugh and we continued to yell “THUMP!”
This went on for a good ten more minutes before the resident DJ disconnected the kids laptop and plastic toy controller and patted him on the back. He glared over at us with a smirk on his face and we cheered like the drunken obnoxious judgmental pricks we are. After some real music came on, we started talking about myself producing a track called Thump Thump, maybe a hard techno track or a hard dance track. Fizz said, “No that’s too obvious, make it progressive”
We laughed for a good five minutes at the idea, when two very young girls fell from the upstairs booth onto our table and started making out. Of course we cheered, and I yelled “CLAM BUMP!”
So the owner comped our drinks, the girls were kicked out (even though we protested and wanted the show to continue) and a song was born.
This is not the album version. There’s three mixes of this track, and this is the one for friends, the internet and the b-side of the single. Enjoy.


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