Well here’s a surprise a blog post! OMG! After taking a break from reality for quite some time I decided it’s time to come back and do something other than work on my album. It’s MEGAMAN time!
So what is Mega Month you say? Well it’s an idea I came up with while talking to Mike Dudas the other day, essentially, play and end every Mega Man title I can in a month without cheats, just pure 8 and 16 bit skills people.
Here I am fighting Dr. Wiley at the end of Mega Man 1, which I thought would be harder, because I remember throwing my Nintendo across the room in a huge temper tantrum when I was 11 trying to end this bitch.
Almost got me fucking faggot.
Oh snap!
That’s right sucker! Kicked your ass and restored shit to Robotland.
One more shot of his ass, groveling and crying, little bitch!
Changing clothes, but still running….
Oh! He’s the bad guy about to kill that old man and rape his daughter! Surprise ending kids! Mega Girl looks pleased….

Mega Fun ★★★★★½☆☆ 

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