A little bit of techno or whatever for you! I originally called this track “Timeline” and when I demoed a preview for Alexander Jermelle, he said and I quote, “You can’t call it that, that’s the name of a movie and novel, that’s copyright infringement! You sound so stupid right now.” O’RLY??? As much as I love the guy, I’ll name my god damn music anything I want! So here’s five minutes, a radio edit per say of the newly renamed track, Jurassic Sphere (Timeline Remix) by none other than Julian Orbit, who happens to be me. Now go eat some pudding pops like a good person, sit back, crank the volume and enjoy! Or read more of my nonsense. I dedicate this track to my Novation K-Station, my kitten Charleston B. Merryweather The III and green tea. Somebody please get me a bottle of Yip Yap.
And since this is my actual homepage, website, record label and whatnot I’ll add more then the usual cut and paste everywhere shit, soundcloud sucks, it really ruins the way tracks sound, no idea how they encode shit, but its worse than myspace. If you want to hear it for real, make a comment on soundcloud and get a free download link.

Merp: ★★★★★★★★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆ 

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