Since I’ve spammed the rest of the internet with my nonsense, I figure why the fuck not post it on my official website?
When I was in college, I never had a lot of money. The DJ and Production game aren’t like a Kanye video, there’s never enough funds to go around. When it came time to buy people gifts for their birthdays or christmas or day of horus or whatever, it was really awkward for me. It was either get them some useless crap from a gas station and get the half hearted thank you and smirk, or I would make them something. One shiny day it dawned upon me, why not give away music? And I don’t mean some cheesy ass mixtape, I mean create something unique just for that individual. So I’d make original songs, re-edits, remixes, live mixes, print out a nice cd jewel case on photo paper and even make a nice card to go with. Just my little way of telling somebody I loved them. Well, this was one of those tracks, it was originally called “Look at all the happy creatures”. I never got to give it to the person, because they ruined our relationship in order to impress a group of lowlifes who sub-sequentially were all using this individual and when they all got what they wanted, well this person was left to their own devices. It was also a big beat breaks track. So in essence I remixed my remix, and changed the context of the theme, to what I feel this person deserves and more than likely gives away for a wink and a free beer. Anyhow, its a live mix, I used 6 decks. 4 turntables and 2 CDJ850’s, a roland sp404 for the effects, and recorded it in one shot. I kinda showboat my juggling and cutting skills, but whats new? Anyhow, this isn’t for sale, and not being distributed. Please enjoy, and I’d like to thank CCR for being awesome. Peace.

My own stuff sucks: ★★★★★★★★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ 

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