Everyone knows what a huge fan of Entourage I am. If you didn’t well, now you do. Before Entourage, I had no idea who Adrien Grenier was. So the other day, when a friend of mine told me about a movie staring Adrien, where he does a shit load of LSD, bangs Sarah Michelle Gellar six ways from Sunday, and toss in some sex with Joey Lauren Adams, and the chick from the Noxzema commercial and some horror flick I watched once upon a time, and I’m sold.
Sarah Michelle Gellar, a three word name like a cereal killer. She plays the love interest of Adrien’s character. Her best moments are a sex scene in the woods. The rest was of little interest to me. She needs more raunchy sex scenes dammit, and some nudity for fucks sakes. There was one scene with the Noxzema girl that I thought, or maybe I was just hoping was going to go full on lesbo, but it fizzled out, just like the rest of the film.
Noxzema girl herself, Rebecca Gayheart. I remember seeing Urban Legend with my buddy in the dollar theater when it came out. As soon as I saw her, I yelled, “THATS THE CHICK FROM THE NOXZEMA COMMERCIALS!”
Nobody appreciated it, and I think the movie even mentioned it somewhere as a pun. She’s pretty damn hot, very doable. I just read that she was on Earth 2, I’ve been thinking about that show for a few years now. Oh and she may be doable, but in the ass only, no lube. Read she killed some kid while she was wreckless driving. As a avid motorcyclist, I can’t stand people like that. So yeah Rebecca, IN THE ASS IT GOES!
Here’s the chick that sells him his LSD. I have no clue who this is, and I couldn’t be bothered to put the DVD back on to check. Either way, I bet under all of that costume she has on, she might be pretty doable herself. Only she didn’t kill a child with her car, so no hard Roman style lube-less anal for her. Just sweet sweet lovings.
This is what Eric Stoltz looks like when you’re on LSD. Apparently. What would have been way better than this bogus portrayal of dropping LSD and tripping, would be if they had him in his Rocky makeup from Mask. If you haven’t seen Mask, then you don’t know shit about Eric Stoltz.
Al Fraken plays himself in this film, and heres what he looks like on LSD as well. Hollywood is so fucking stupid. LSD is nothing like this, NOTHING really fucking bothers me when they portray drugs like that. So, I’ll wrap this up, I’m out of pictures anyhow. There is no miracle cure for taking too much LSD that will kill you if you ever take it again. Utter bullshit. Considering the time frame of the movie, you think they would have targeted Ecstasy, but obviously LSD was more relevant to cheap ass special effects. Don’t knock down LSD, it makes you look stupid Mr. James Toback, writer/director. Maybe you had a bad trip once, I don’t know, but making up crap like this is just plain juvenile, and we both know the ignorant masses will eat that shit off a plate and call it peanut butter. Prick.

If Buffy didn't get boned, this would have been a 2, Tops: ★★★★½☆☆☆☆☆ 

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