SO the Mayans and others have it right, in the year 2012, the world is set to be destroyed by neutrinos that boil the earths mantle into palpable goo, and we all die, well not the rich and useless, they get to live. Image semi-related its an evil Chinese commie overlord out to let everybody die somehow.
Here we have Thomas McCarthy playing the role of the super cool, plastic surgeon, home wrecking new boyfriend of John Cusaks ex-wife. Yep, they get along great and are totally cool with it, because in modern society, that just the fucking way shit is kids. Your mommy is gonna bang the first guy she meets that makes more money than your dad, and drives a Porsche once shes popped out a few kids. Deal with it. ***side note, The Boyfriend dies in a horrific accident at the end and the Ex-Wife doesn’t blink an eye for her dearly beloved***
Here’s the afformentioned ex-wife played by Amanda Peet, she was in Saving Silverman, which was awesome. On a related note, she plays a unlikable CUNT in both films.
Chiwetel Ejiofor, plays Dr. Adrian Helmsley, who has some sort of love story or some crap with the Presidents daughter that is barely touched upon, and gives some boring speech about humanity at the end and becomes the de-facto president of the new world in Africa, wither there are survivors there or not. USA!! USA!! FUCK YEAH!!
Back together again. After her boyfriends gristly death (he gets crushed between 2 large mechanical gears right before the film ends) she promptly gets back together with her ex-husband as some sort of conciliation prize. Ever happy to be #2, John Cusaks character happily accepts his fate. Shit nothing like watching your ex get fucked by some douche bag for a couple years, only to get back into that sloppy infested slime hole! This is the scene where I (as a director) would have had him throw her over the railing of the super duper Ark they built to save humanity. Instead, the little girl says, “No more pull-ups”
Meaning, she no longer shits herself in the middle of supper at the dinner table.  Sweet, movie ends, everyone is happy.

Pull-ups: ★★★★½☆☆☆☆☆ 

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