Sean Combs as Record Exec. Sergio Roma, playing a parody of himself, and is possibly the funniest character in this film. After that, well its all gravy and cheese.
Jonah Hill plays Aaron Green, the misguided record executive that must GET HIM TO THE GREEK, the Greek being the Greek Theater.
Elisabeth Moss, plays Aaron’s live in girlfriend Daphne Binks. She’s kinda cute in her own way, I guess. Sorta a bitch in this movie, overall I liked her character.
Russel Brand plays our title charcter, Aldous Snow, that must be brought to the Greek. So he is HIM. A lovable rocker that gets into all sorts of mischief and has a few lessons to teach Aaron.
Ah yes, Rose Byrne plays Jackie Q, Aldous Snow’s love interest and cohort, she sleeps with Lars Ulrich from Metallica, whom makes a cameo, as well as many other celebrities I failed to get a screen shot of.
Colm Meaney, plays Johnathon Snow, the drug abusing, drunk awesome father of our title character. I keep forgetting he’s not on Star Trek anymore.
So now that I am out of pictures, I will rant for a minute. I loved this film. The writing was semi-fresh and the characters were involving enough to keep my attention and keep me laughing. Well written and fast paced, a fun afternoon romp if you’ve skipped work and bought a fat sack of dope.

THE GREEK: ★★★★★★★★☆☆ 

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