The Social Network, the story of how Mark Zuckerberg single handedly created franchise and sold out his friends and ripped off anybody he could to do so, with his “hacker” skills, php and superior intellect. Awesome.
Jesse Eisenberg, plays Zuckerberg, in this tale of how facebook came to light. He pretty much looks like he’s about to cry throughout the whole film, or he needs to take a shit. You decide.
Andrew Garfield, plays the role of Eduardo Saverin, the guy Zuckerberg fucked in the ass in order to get to the top. I couldn’t quite figure out where I’ve seen Garfield before, then I realized he was  in that Dr. Parnassus mishap. Oh and he’s the next Spider-man, sweet.
Justin Timberlake, shucks and jives his way into the role of coked out internet superstar Sean Parker, inventor of Napster and guy who helped with Facebook. Neeto.
Rashida Jones, daughter of Quincy Jones and one serious hottie, makes a few minutes of screen time.
Here’s the three other guys Zuchster fucked over. Cameron Winklevoss, Tyler Winklevoss and Divya Narendra, played by Max Minghella who was in Art School Confidential, one of my favorite movies. He’s really underused here. And to further comment, the Winklevoss’s are the creators of the original concept of Facebook. It’s a fact. But they handed the “idea” over to Zuchster, and well, he went and made his own website. Business 101 guys, get shit signed! Don’t hire dorks, and kick peoples asses if they fuck with you. Thats how I run my business, and he would have met the end of a lead pipe, sorry to say that Zucherberg, but props to you as well, no contract, I would’ve done the same. In the end, whatever. They came up with it, he said, fuck it, and wrote his own. They are all rich. ConnectU isn’t too bad either, I wonder if my account is still active?
SO where does this leave us? I read up on it a bit more, found this link here: How Mark Zucherberg Hacked ConnectU in 2004

At one point, Mark appears to have exploited a flaw in ConnectU’s account verification process to create a fake Cameron Winklevoss account with a fake email address.In this new, fake profile, he listed Cameron’s height as 7’4″, his hair color as “Ayran Blond,” and his eye color as “Sky Blue.” He listed Cameron’s “language” as “WASP-y.”
Next, Mark appears to have logged into the accounts of some ConnectU users and changed their privacy settings to invisible. The idea here was apparently to make it harder for people to find friends on ConnectU, thus reducing its utility. Eventually, Mark appears to have gone a step further, deactivating about 20 ConnectU accounts entirely.

Hmmm… jealous much? That’s some mad trollin’ Zuchy. And once again, the ball goes back in his court for my opinion, because well, I would have done the same. LOL.

And really, thats the way this whole movie goes, one minute I’m on his side, the next I’m on theirs, and then on his buddies side, sometimes even routing for Sean Parker. Then I need to sit back and realize, I don’t care. This is just how things are online, people get fucked over, friendships get tossed out the window over status updates, and kooks become millionaires over something that isn’t even tangible. So did I like the movie. No, I hated it. Was it worth watching, definitely. Is this something I will revisit? *sigh* Yes, yes I will.

Why did it have to be so good? ★★★★★★★★★☆ 

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