Josh Brolin plays Jonah Hex, DC Comics cowboy whatever blah. I can’t believe this piece of crap cost $47 Million to make.
Hey Look, its Gob from Arrested Development! Oh… no its just Will Arnette not getting any screen time. Lame.
Megan Fox really stretches her acting chops by playing a prostitute and love interest for Jonah Hex, it must have been a really tough role for her take on. On her knees, on her back, up her ass….
Oh and here’s all the skin we get to see. What a fucking waste of time having her play a hooker, with no god damn nudity or sex scenes. That bitch was meant to bounce the springs. Not play the tough chick hooker sidekick. LAME.
John Malkovich, he’s the bad guy I honestly don’t understand why this guy even gets those type of roles. I find him horrible in practically everything. As soon as I saw his face, I knew this movie was headed for the shitter.
Michael Fassbender, plays the evil Irishman who’s supposed to be psychotic or something, his character gets no development so I have no idea. I can’t believe this dude is like only a year older than me, and he’s german. Ah well, we all gotta eat, at least his character was killed off so he doesn’t have to be in the inevitable part two, Jonah Hex: On the Loose(In Manhattan)
So what else can I say, this movie sucked balls, the ending was rushed, there was no nudity, and Josh Brolin doesn’t seem that tough to me. Booooooo!

SUCKED: ★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ 

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