I really didn’t know what to expect with this one. The DVD cover art looks like a SAW knock off or some serious B-Movie garbage. What I did find was quite unexpected.
Josh Stewart, some dude, I have never heard of, plays Arkin, an ex-con desperately trying to make a score to pay back his bitch of an ex-wife or some deal like that. After looking at his profile on IMDB, I can see why I’ve never heard of him, I don’t watch television, and the shows he is on, I would never watch.
Madeline Zima plays Jill, the rebelious daughter of some people that are barely on the screen long enough for you to give a fuck about them. I’ve never heard of her for the same reasons I have never heard of Josh. AH well, she’s got a sexy thing about her that I can’t quite pin down. So here’s her tits:
Juan Fern√°ndez, plays The Collector, he never says much, if anything at all, but his character kicks ass. Thus this film.
Karley Scott Collins, plays the little girl that had me yelling at the screen more than once, great job kid!
Andrea Roth, plays Victoria Chase, I think her total screen time is 3 minutes so I have nothing so say, she’s super hot though.
So, what made this movie worth my time? Everything! It was totally intense! There was more suspense in one scene then I have seen in five years worth of movies. The ending was a surprise, although slightly cheese. I loved this movie and will definitely give her another go around on a Sunday sometime.

Burglarastic: ★★★★★★★★☆☆ 

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