Hmmm… what to say about this one? There’s some good aspects, that I quite enjoyed. I really liked the homage to classic cinema sci-fi, the effects weren’t the greatest, but they really didn’t need to be for this type of film.

It’s got that gay dude from Will and Grace playing an alien which has taken over his body, who is an intergalactic cop or some deal, hunting down a prisoner which is basically a giant purple cone (dildo?) with a large eye. Very Retro, and cool at the same time. Now if you haven’t seen any old sci-fi flicks, this might confuse the fuck out of you, and make you wonder why you picked it up in the first place.  So let me repeat, this is what we call “homage” and it works, I had a good time watching bad effects, corn ball acting and a ludicrous script.

Jody Thompson plays his wife, and she is smoking fucking hot in this. Check out her profile on IMDB. I know I’m going to look and see if she did any “amateur” work she isn’t proud of….
Jenni Baird, she plays the love interest of the alien host, she’s not bad, but I think the wife had this real thing about her, I can’t quite place it, but damn. So anyhow, Jenni plays a waitress and love interest for the symbiotic alien.

And it’s got the dad from The Wonder Years, sweet!

What can I say? I bought this movie for $2.35+tax in the discount bin and it wasn’t half the piece of shit I expected it to be. Is it going to win an oscar? Well no, will it keep you entertained for 90 minutes? For about 70 of them, yeah. So good enough in my books.

I can’t remember who this actress is, and can’t find shit on IMDB, but she needed more screen time, for the obvious reasons.

Rating: ★★★★★★¼☆☆☆ 

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