Whoa was this from the 80’s and they left it on the shelf only to be released in 2010? Well, no. But I bet they would like you to think that; it’s a great excuse for making a seriously budgeted film and having almost two hours of boring footage.
Greta Gerwig Plays Megan, the rebellious best friend of our main protagonist. This is probably the only interesting scene in the film, as he gets her head blown off. Other than that, I have no idea who the hell she is. She’s cute when she’s not faceless.
Jocelin Donahue plays Samantha, a poor college student in need of a few hundred dollars so she can get her own apartment. I really didn’t pay much attention to anything else in this film, so don’t ask for more details. What I can tell you, is she’s crazy hot. Damn! Oh, yeah, and walkman’s rule!
And that’s about it for this one, this picture here is when the action happens, somewhere like an hour and a half into the movie. Until that point you get to watch her house sitting, eating pizza, snooping around somebody’s pad, chillin out watching TV. Then we’re rewarded with five whole minutes of action. People are saying this was supposed to be a large, long drawn out tension build up, but really, its more like, we have no plot and need to get 90 minutes on film via. our contract with the studio. This “movie” could have been 45 minutes long, put on TV, and there would have been no difference in the effectiveness. In fact I think that would have worked better, because after an hour, I was passing out.

Boring: ★★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆ 

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