Knight and Day, a non-stop action romantic comedy staring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. Yeah, sounds awesome….
Here’s Cameron Diaz, she plays June Havens a lonely 40 something that works as a mechanic, won’t marry the local fireman, and still think’s she won’t be barren when she does finally try to concieve a child at around 48 or so when she’s finally found Mr. Right Which happens to be Tom Cruise in this film, although he needs a steady supply of viagra and his sperm count is so low it’s going into the negatives, at least they will have found true love. Yep. Believable.
Here’s a picture of our action hero movie superstar. Now he just needs to suck in that gut a little bit more. I find it to be a real shame that some men just let themselves turn into a pile of jello after a certain age, well sorta, because when some fuck head like that tries to start shit with me; they do, their inflated ego’s let them waltz through a series of mental gymnastics letting them believe they are better than others and are entitled to something because of their age alone; I give them the beat down of a lifetime. Sorry Tom, you’re not a believable action hero. Now Sly Stallone, there’s a timeless action hero. But Tom? Come on, about as believable as the mentally retarded plots of every television show and film lately showing every over the hill 40 something as being single and fabulous.
Paul Dano plays some sort of physics genius that makes a perpetual motion battery. Gets more believable by the second guys.
Peter Sarsgaard, he’s the bad guy. I keep getting him mixed up with Ewan McGregor. Don’t ask me why.
I have nothing positive to say about this movie. I hated it, crappy story, Tom Cruise, and too many things I could complain about. But here’s a fucking newsflash kids, the likelihood of you finding Mr/Mrs. Right after 40, getting married and having kids and living out the rest of your days is a fucking Hollywood pipe dream. This must be some sort of new mass media mind control to keep the population down, because it doesn’t fucking happen. Prepare to be a lonely alcoholic, eating sandwiches over the sink if you think there’s any basis in reality for that shit. Jesus Christ that bothers me. Having kids after 40 is dangerous as well, and I don’t give a fuck what kind of fertility medication there is, do you really want to be in your 70’s when your kids finish college? Retards. And yes I am aware that Cameron Diaz is 38, close enough, round it up. Bitch needs a face-lift.

Wrinkles, beer guts and grey hair: ★★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆ 

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