I keep avoiding this review, I’m not sure if I love this movie, or if I totally hate it. I gave it the two viewings test, then watched it drunk, and even a forth time hungover. I’m still on the wall, but I guess you can say, I don’t hate it that much. I’m hoping my usual trip down screen shot lane will clear things up.
Here we have Jesse Eisenberg, playing a xenophobic geek named Columbus. He’s your typical dork, playing WoW, has never been laid, never leaves his house, doesn’t look like he has a job, so I guess mommy and daddy pay for that. A lot of people mistake him for Michael Cera. I don’t see it. *shrugs*
AH… here we have Emma Stone, now this is somebody I kept mixing up with someone else. She looks like Lindsay Lohan, or at least did until I got my shit together. She’s way hotter, and actually plays bass! Rad! Her character is named: Wichita.
Here we have Little Miss Sunshine herself, Abigail Breslin. Her character is named: Little Rock. Have to tell you, in the first 20 minutes, I really hoped she would get her brains blown out. That’s not a bad thing either.
Woody Harrelson, plays Tallahasee, which is the most bad ass character and the most tragic in the film. You know, I’ve always wanted to smoke a fat joint with this guy! LOL. Everytime I see him in film or on tv, I think, “Damn Woody, I know you’re holding! Come on bro!”
Uhhh…. yep
Well this was a treat, Bill Murray, plays himself, playing a zombie, so the real zombies won’t eat his brain. Awesome cameo!
So in conclusion of nothing really being said, I guess I liked the film, I did watch it four times. I do hope there;s a part two. And I really want to see more of Emma Stone. So that’s it folks.

Not too bad: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆ 

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