Man I really didn’t expect much from this film, considering its a 30 second short skit on Saturday Night Live. But I will say this much, I loved it! Here we have Will Forte playing his over the top, even better than the skit MacGruber character, whom I love compared to MacGyver whom I can’t stand.
Val Kilmer plays the evil villain and arch nemesis to MacGruber, as usual he is in all of his glorious fatness. Certainly doesn’t look The Saint or Madmartigan anymore… fuck keep drinking buddy, I still think you rule! Go Iceman!
Holy shit it’s Ryan Phillipe! Remember him from Antitrust or Cruel Intentions, wow he’s kinda fat now too! A man drinks when he gets divorced, I feel for ya buddy, Reece was a hot piece of ass.
Kristen Wiig, looking fine as always, she plays Vicki St. Elmo, and you should just damn well admit that you’d hit that like a baby back rib. Do it already.
Powers Boothe plays Col. James Faith, and does a damn fine job of it. This guy has one hell of an impressive resume, and for some reason always cracks me up, even when it’s not intentional. Miss the mustache though…
And thats it for the photo tour, for a movie that is a parody of an old 80’s tv show, its not half bad. The comedy can get low brow, but what the hell do you expect? Oscar performances? I loved it. I can’t even say much more because everything to be said is a spoiler. Excellent work, and hilarious the whole way. I needed a good laugh and they didn’t let me down. Thank you.

MacGruber: ★★★★★★★½☆☆ 

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