So I barely remembered this movie was even made, until now. The trailers looked awful and were run constantly on television for the past year and half, and I still forgot this was even made. Being hungover on a Sunday, I tend to try and give things a chance… I don’t know why I do this to myself. Yeah that’s Jack Black.

Here’s Michael Cera, playing an awkward teenage virgin caveman. It’s a bit of a stretch of the imagination, due to his large range of acting, but this movie calls for disbelief so I hope you can handle such insanity.
Here’s Olivia Wilde playing Princess whatever. I couldn’t quite place her at first, I just kept thinking, “Why is she talking with a British accent in the city of Sodom in year one?”
Then it hit me, she looks like the chick that was cruising for other chicks on House. I don’t really watch that show anymore, because I mean, how many super viruses and mystery illnesses can they cure each week? But yep, that’s her. The clam muncher. Well I’m glad she can really get out there and diversify roles for her career in such a great film such as this. Kudos.
Look its the guy who plays the voice of Moe on The Simpson’s, playing Abraham! Wow sweet.
Oliver Platt picks up a shovel and decides to bury his career a little bit more.
Kyle Gass makes an appearance, I hope he’s thankful for having a good friend like JB to carry him
This one scene made me laugh, and it had nothing to do with the script. Just look at that… lol
It’s a damn shame, because they had such a great cast, I mean fuck. It’s David Cross for fucks sake. Only he doesn’t quite get to be as funny as he usually is. I will have to say though, his scenes are probably the best in the film.
Un-fucking believable Paul Rudd is in this for a minute and is uncredited. Well, a lot of really good actors and comedians are in this, and this whole film seems to be wasted on them. I honestly think they could have either done more with this movie, or just cut her into a 45 minute tack on to another flick.

Not recommended: ★★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆ 

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