OK, well another huge disappointment on a hangover Sunday. This movie started off great, and then turned into a zombie flick and finally I turned it off. FUCK.

Man, I love this guy, seriously, he was in Breaking Away, D.O.A, Great Balls of Fire! where he gets to slam an 18 year old Winona Ryder playing a 13 year old girl. He was in Pandorum, which I loved and Flight of the Phoenix, looking incredibly ripped for a 50 year old man. And to top it off he was married to Meg Ryan, before she became a hideous fat ridiculously looking piece of plastic surgery. But then, this. This movie sucked…. Not his fault, he didn’t direct the damn thing. When I was kid, I always thought it would be rad if him and Harrison Ford did an Indiana Jones together, just thought I’d share that 😛
So here we have the incredibly talented and bonerific Adrianne Palicki playing the waitress Charlie. I’ve been staring that down since she was on Friday Night Lights. But as always, no fucking nudity in this film, and I think she’s pregnant too. Lame.
And then we got this guy. Whoever. He starts off with an opening scene reminiscent of Terminator, and has wings, and I guess is an angel. Yay!
Well that’s as much energy I can put into a movie I turned off. Save yourself a buck, don’t watch it.

No thanks: ★★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆ 

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