So, I normally watch each film twice, unless they are truly horrible, so I can be slightly more objective with my rantings. This is one film, I didn’t need to. This little gem, that I had never heard of before my trip to the movie store earlier, really spoke to me. I’m not much for Cinema UK, but recently that seems to be the only place where a decent film seems to be coming from, so I gave it a shot. I am not disappoint. Written and directed by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, we have a coming of age tale, that not only surprises, but it does it so subtly you could have swore you predicted every second of it. Such a treat. To top it off, because of their other works, such as The Office, Extras and The Invention Of Lying (Gervais only), I suspected a comedy. Instead I was drawn into the 1970’s, into a small town called cemetery junction….

***Oh and on a side note, Gervais is seen for maybe a total of two minutes throughout this film. Which I found to be refreshing, like lemon iced-t when you’re hungover on a Sunday and thought you just bought the regular iced-tea….. excellent.***
This film has an excellent soundtrack. This photo doesn’t do it justice. But it’s cool none the less.
Here we have the two main characters, Christian Cooke plays Freddie Taylor, a young man that just wants to get married, have kids and settle down with a mansion and a Rolls Royce. You know the reasonable simple things in life. I think I saw him in Dr. Who for an episode or two. Beside him we have the always lovely Felicity Jones, whom is also from Dr. Who…. conspiracy? Well probably not, small country, everyone needs work then. She plays Julie, a young woman that wants to be a photographer and is jealous of her slutty vagabond cousin. She is…. wow.
Here we have Julie (Felicity Jones) sitting next to her mother, Mrs. Kendrick (Emily Watson). She was excellent in The Boxer, The Corpse Bride and Punch Drunk Love. In my imagination, this scene got really funky…. just kidding.
Ok so maybe, just maybe I’m playing favorites here. Once again, the lovely Felicity Jones.
So here we have Jack Doolan playing the loveable Snork, May all the lady vampires look down on him from… ah fuck it. Great character, I hope he gets more roles.
Ralph Fiennes plays Mr. Kendrick. An uptight douche bag business guy. I liked him waaay better as Hades in Clash Of The Titans, yet I really hated him, even more in The Duchess. He plays an snobby ignorant to his own means bad guy pretty well, good job!
Tom Hughes plays Bruce Pearson, the kickass anti-hero from a broken home that dresses cool, acts like a British James Dean, drinks constantly, shags birds left and right and picks fights at the drop of a hat. The perfect best friend character. Excellent job. He was great in Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll.
Steve Speirs plays Sgt. Wyn Davies, a kind copper that bails the boys out of trouble and teaches them life lessons when they need it. Excellent role. Did I mention he was in Dr. Who as well? Well now I did.
So if you want to see a heart warming tale about coming of age and trying to find who yourself, that doesn’t suck balls or bore you to death. That has a kick ass soundtrack, bar fight scenes, epic tatoo’s, cops getting their mouths washed out with paint, disco’s and following your dreams, this fits the ticket. I was surprised I actually enjoyed it so much, it was well worth the rental, this is one of the few films I would have liked to have seen in the theater on a date.

Film Rating: ★★★★★★★★★½ 

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