So I recently went down to my local used book store, Wee Book Inn in the shadier part of town to pick up some literature aka. Vintage Porn mags, Sci-Fi novels, used comics, VHS tapes, outdated computer manuals (Networking Windows NT 3.51 Sweet!) and all the other various crap I can get my hands on for next to nothing. Now this nice young child comes in with his mother, a fat old hag looking pretty angry, and gloomily dumps a large box onto the counter. His mother says,”How much for the lot of them?”
The poor child looks despondent, staring at his feet and kicking the counter, I can tell he doesn’t want to be in this situation. The suprisingly hot chick working the counter (seems sketchy though, possible jib tech) says,”Well although they look pretty new, I can’t give you much, we don’t really sell too many comics here anymore… so… ten cents each.”
The kids jaw hit the floor, but his mother didn’t miss a step, “SOLD.
She grabs her poor child by the arm, collects a cool $4.40, and drags him out of there. Now being the vulture that I am, I trounced over to the counter and laid down the charm,”Whatcha got there?”
Jib-Tech: “Comics, I think that was his whole collection.”
Mr. Slick: “Oh yeah, can I see? Pleeease.”
Jib-Tech: Giggles
Jib-Tech: “Here.”
She smiles and starts twisting her hair. I look them over and notice Garth Ennis on the cover, I used to read Preacher, so I know these are really good.
Me: “I’ll give you $0.25 each for them, and a back rub if you’re lucky”
Jib-Tech: Laughing“Did you actually just say that?”
Me: “Why interested?”
She stared off into space for awhile, probably thinking about her next hit of meth and how much meth she wanted to score….
Jib-Tech: “That’s $11.55 with taxes”
Me: “Done, now how about that back rub?”
She started laughing again, and I knew I was either really in, or I really fucked that up, either way I wouldn’t touch her disgusting meth pimple riddled back with dish washing gloves, but that was besides the point. I just scored 44 Garth Ennis comics, for around twelve bucks. Sweet! As I walked out of the store I wondered to myself, “Why can’t people just drop acid anymore…. jeez”
So let’s add these fabulous comics to the list of things I’m going to review and get on with it.

So this is the main character, damn he looks like Simon Pegg, so much so I had to look it up. Yup, sure enough his likeness was used, says so on Wikipedia. Well that’s cool, Mr. Pegg is one of my favorite actors.

This is why that childs mother probably made him sell the comics.

Classic, if I was a cop, I’d probably say the same kind of shit to some douche bag in spandex.

This is The Butcher, the other main character, he doesn’t seem to like super heroes all that much.
So what can I say, damn I loved this issue, I haven’t read comics for a few years now, but this was excellent, and really got me back into the genre. I’m looking forward to the next 43 issues

Rating: ★★★★★★★★★☆ 

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