So, I guess I have been avoiding the inevitable first post, but here goes.

A new home, after having my two previous blogs removed and kicked out from two various “free” hosting services, we are back! That’s right Julian Orbit’s rants, raves, and reviews, music and videos for everyone to see!

We are now on RealProHosting , and like the name thats exactly what it is. I have never had service this good, custom server, working exactly how I want it to. Around the clock support, and I have to say, Mike from Real Pro, is top notch. There’s never a question too big or an answer too small. He’s there when I need him, and even there to listen when I’m on a bender and drunk dialing everyone in my directory. Absolutely the best, this is definitely where we belong, and I proud to call it my Web Home.

Well that’s enough ass-kissing for now…

Ass Kissing Rating: ★★★★★ 

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