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Well I said I was going to do it, so here’s Megaman II, as Julian Orbit I present to you my comprehensive guide and review on Megaman II and how I ended this 8-bit masterpiece in one sitting Read the rest of this entry »
Well I decided to clear out some more crap from my drive and came across these lovely images. So we get to fall into a few categories with this one and save a few kilobytes of space from my aging laptop. Sweet! Enjoy!
Another public service announcement brought to you by Beat It Squid!
When I think of France, I think of wicked french filter house, daft punk, the Eiffel tower, slutty women with all kinds of hair everywhere, those weird lily looking things on the quebec flag, frog legs, bad coffee, food fried in a pound of butter, japanese cartoons translated to french and then put on tv and I can’t understand a word of them so I end up hating french out of jealousy. And now this
I was looking for some acid I dropped on the floor while I was high on acid (LSD) and started to think about my place in the universe. I figured I am nothing, and none of us are really worth a drop of spit, other then the fact that we are talking sacks of water made of up recycled particles and atoms from a dead sun. Sweet. I hope these images help illustrate that point.

Hell yes, it’s time for some motherfucking yoga tips! Get your ass in here and see! Since the dawn of time Hindi Yogi’s have been teaching this ancient art of exercise, I now bring this to you my friends, be well and Namaste!

I found a funny, but truthful picture with this handy Hint/Tip on a message board today. So I made this piece of crap (to the left) as to not ruin the actual Tips.

I hate it when people take credit for somebody else’s idea and invention. Pretty lame guys. All over the web guys are taking credit for the DIY fleshlight. Well I happen to know a certain cretin that never gets off the image board chans and uploads Meme’s to them day and night, hoping and wishing that his next bunch of nonsense catches on.