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Sylvia Z left her mittens in the car, what could possibly happen in such a situation? Only time will tell. She has 24 hours to decide their fate.

So I recently went down to my local used book store, Wee Book Inn in the shadier part of town to pick up some literature aka. Vintage Porn mags, Sci-Fi novels, used comics, VHS tapes, outdated computer manuals (Networking Windows NT 3.51 Sweet!) and all the other various crap I can get my hands on for next to nothing. Now this nice young child comes in with his mother, a fat old hag looking pretty angry, and gloomily dumps a large box onto the counter. His mother says,”How much for the lot of them?”
The poor child looks despondent, staring at his feet and kicking the counter, I can tell he doesn’t want to be in this situation. The suprisingly hot chick working the counter (seems sketchy though, possible jib tech) says,”Well although they look pretty new, I can’t give you much, we don’t really sell too many comics here anymore… so… ten cents each.”
The kids jaw hit the floor, but his mother didn’t miss a step, “SOLD.
She grabs her poor child by the arm, collects a cool $4.40, and drags him out of there. Now being the vulture that I am, I trounced over to the counter and laid down the charm,”Whatcha got there?”
Jib-Tech: “Comics, I think that was his whole collection.”
Mr. Slick: “Oh yeah, can I see? Pleeease.”
Jib-Tech: Giggles
Jib-Tech: “Here.”
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