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Sylvia Z left her mittens in the car, what could possibly happen in such a situation? Only time will tell. She has 24 hours to decide their fate.
Well I said I was going to do it, so here’s Megaman II, as Julian Orbit I present to you my comprehensive guide and review on Megaman II and how I ended this 8-bit masterpiece in one sitting Read the rest of this entry »
Well here’s a surprise a blog post! OMG! After taking a break from reality for quite some time I decided it’s time to come back and do something other than work on my album. It’s MEGAMAN time! Read the rest of this entry »
So I might as well post some more music. This track was very special to me at one point. I made it right after I fell in love with somebody, then kept remixing it over the years. Like 8 fucking years to be precise. By the time she heard this track in it’s finished state, it was already too late, our relationship had totally fallen apart. C’est La Vie friends.
Since I’ve spammed the rest of the internet with my nonsense, I figure why the fuck not post it on my official website?
Well I decided to clear out some more crap from my drive and came across these lovely images. So we get to fall into a few categories with this one and save a few kilobytes of space from my aging laptop. Sweet! Enjoy!
Now let me tell you about my kinda girl………..
So I actually thought I might post something this month, and I remembered today is Christmas Eve, and for Scandinavian weirdo’s it’s the day they celebrate the holiday! Oh, I almost forgot, it’s like the day Jesus H. Christ was born, and I came across these pictures earlier, so let’s what the hell? Let’s celebrate the man himself and this Holiday with some crappy pictures!