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Ok so, I haven’t posted in months, I’ve been too busy making music, skateboarding, driving fast cars and racing motorcycles. Sorry. Anyhow, here’s my latest track.
So, here’s a hot ass picture of Ellen Page. It has jack shit to do with this song, but I would love to tap that. Five minutes of filter funk, spinning on vinyl baby. Timecode vinyl on 4 decks baby, ohhhh yeah. Now get over honey and ride my filter….
So I might as well post some more music. This track was very special to me at one point. I made it right after I fell in love with somebody, then kept remixing it over the years. Like 8 fucking years to be precise. By the time she heard this track in it’s finished state, it was already too late, our relationship had totally fallen apart. C’est La Vie friends.
Since I’ve spammed the rest of the internet with my nonsense, I figure why the fuck not post it on my official website?
So, in my rampage to clear up some more space, I came across this awesome video that a good friend of mine made, its a VJ style mix of a NIN song. I dig it and I hope he’s cool with me posting it, as he could delete this entire site without a second thought. Love you bro! 😀
Well I decided to clear out some more crap from my drive and came across these lovely images. So we get to fall into a few categories with this one and save a few kilobytes of space from my aging laptop. Sweet! Enjoy!
I had all these images sitting in my temp folder and didn’t know what else to do with them, for some reason my temp folder has turned into my work folder, irritating mess of crap. So here! Enjoy!
Another public service announcement brought to you by Beat It Squid!
When I think of France, I think of wicked french filter house, daft punk, the Eiffel tower, slutty women with all kinds of hair everywhere, those weird lily looking things on the quebec flag, frog legs, bad coffee, food fried in a pound of butter, japanese cartoons translated to french and then put on tv and I can’t understand a word of them so I end up hating french out of jealousy. And now this
I was looking for some acid I dropped on the floor while I was high on acid (LSD) and started to think about my place in the universe. I figured I am nothing, and none of us are really worth a drop of spit, other then the fact that we are talking sacks of water made of up recycled particles and atoms from a dead sun. Sweet. I hope these images help illustrate that point.